When Raven Dances


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Young Marisol’s father was killed by a Nazi bullet and in that second her innocent, sunny New Mexico childhood shattered, leaving dark questions to be lived out one empty day at a time. At WWII’s end, Marisol became a reluctant passenger on a cranky, recently converted troopship headed to a place so unlike New Mexico she could hardly comprehend her fate. Mama and Marisol felt resilient by the time the ship disgorged them in Seward, Alaska, a locale that was vital to the Allied wartime success.  In 1946 Seward struggled to discharge itself from wartime scars, swarms of military troops and rusty munitions.

But frightening memories remained among the citizens; Marisol and Mama shared their stories and offered friendship in return. Marisol acquired a lifetime friend; a handsome army major bestowed charm and exotic gifts upon them; an indigenous leader shared the wisdom of his land. A clever, pesky, bird claimed the right to be Marisol’s sentry. Others advised, warned, or encouraged Marisol as she encountered mystical treasure, treacherous ocean currents, and more in her quest for maturity and understanding.


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