This Side of Crazy

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Here is what Amazon reviewers have said about This Side of Crazy by Allen Johnson:

Allen is a masterful story teller! Every life is a story and stories have the power to impart valuable lessons. It is obvious that author Allen Johnson has carefully observed and reflected on the lives of people around him. In his book “This Side of Crazy,” Allen has artfully crafted those stories for maximum impact and takes his readers on insightful and emotional journeys. This book will help anyone realize that the journey we experience is as rich as any story he might tell. The book is an easy read, but don’t let this fool you. The lessons are profound, powerful and personal. Laugh, cry and learn…these stories could just as easily be your story or mine! Terry Barber

Dr. Johnson has captured insights and principles for living a high-integrity life. Through humorous stories and tales taken from his own life this book provides pearls of wisdom that are much needed today. I highly recommend this book for anyone on a path of spiritual growth and for those who seek ways to improve their character. Funny! Insightful! Charming! R. Martinez

Allen Johnson has the rare gift of being able to see and appreciate the jewels in the heart of ordinary circumstances. This is a positive, up-beat book which affirms that everyday life is brimming with significance. Gene Parulis



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