The Telling Stone


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In The Telling Stone, book 2 of the Time Out of Time duet by author Maureen Doyle McQuerry, Timothy, Jessica and Sarah must decode a map cipher to help them find the four treasures needed to complete their quest. As in book 1, Beyond the Door, readers will be able to solve the mystery along with the protagonists.

Abrams has announced that the paperback edition of The Telling Stone will be released May 2016. The paperback version will include a discussion guide with questions for literature circles, book groups and class discussions. Eager readers can get the discussion guide directly from Maureen’s webpage.

Here’s what’s being said about The Telling Stone:

  • “A sense of wonder and worry permeates the narrative, evocative of The Dark is Rising or the work of Neil Gaiman, and the cliffhanger ending will leave readers clamoring for more.” Publishers Weekly
  • “Character development is strong throughout; the tween characters behave realistically and it will be a treat to stick with them as they grow up. This intelligent, engaging series is highly recommended for middle-grade and teen readers, who will eagerly look forward to the next installment” VOYA


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