Steve Wallenfels

Marketer by day, author by night

July 2015, Steve Wallenfels announced …

Last week was a big one for this writer. Disney-Hyperion picked up my YA novel, BAD CALL. It’s about four teens that sneak away for an ill-fated camping trip in my old stomping ground, Yosemite National Park. I’m looking forward to working with editor Julie Moody and so happy to be part of the Disney-Hyperion family!

When he’s not wheeling and dealing with big publishing houses, Steve tells us …

I live in eastern Washington where I work as a marketing director at a large health club.  POD is my debut novel and I recently finished the sequel, MONOLITH.  When I get a spare minute, I enjoy playing tennis, squash, racquetball—basically anything that involves hitting a ball with a racquet.  Above all, I enjoy spending time with my wife and my Seattle-based son.

I’ve been writing since forever.  My published life started with humorous essays in Club Business International Magazine and National Racquetball.  Then I branched out into more serious journalism with columns and feature articles with leaders in the fitness industry.  I never stopped pursuing my love for fiction, and published short stories in Highlights for Children, and Guideposts for Kids; along with two SciFi short stories for adults.  POD was originally a short story written from a single protagonist point of view.  After numerous positive comments from readers and friends, I decided to add a second protagonist and turned POD into a YA novel.

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