Lenora Rain-Lee Good

AKA Rainy Day

Author of Madame Dorian: Her Journey to the Oregon CountryLenora Rain-Lee Good… 

… is a native of the Pacific Northwest, born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She now resides in the steppes, or high desert, of Washington State. She writes short memoir, fiction, radio plays, and poetry. She shares her house with a plethora of books, both paper and electronic, an old Queen cat and a somewhat younger Chihuahua. 

She has sold three Young Adult novels, My Adventures as Brother Rat; Jiang Li, Warrior Woman of Yueh; and Yadh the Ugly.

Lenora published three short stories in Dream Time and Other Flights of Fantasy, A Collection of Three Short Stories. She contributed two short stories, “Dream Time” and “Granny Hitt”, to the recently released anthology, Short & Happy (or Not).

When not writing, or reading, Lenora is busy making quilts or taking photographs of the countryside around her home.

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