Judy Tritz

AKA Polly Bigelow

Judy Tritz tells us about Polly Bigelow, author of When Raven Dances:

A rat scurried about in her manicured childhood garden and her small son went to school in a dark van accompanied by a soldier carrying a machine gun. Is it any wonder that she views reality through her own eclectic prism of irony and magical realism? Polly Bigelow lived in war-torn Italy and graduated from high school in Yokohama, Japan. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania  (BA English literature). and lived in Europe, Central and South America. She is fascinated by pre-columbian cultures and adores climbing about in dark, ancient pyramids. A Maya shaman once invited her to accompany him as he officiated. She loves speaking Spanish and listening to classical guitar music. She admires works of South American women authors, including Allende and Agosin. A language tutor and elementary school teacher, Polly’s favorite job is stage manager. She lives in Eastern Washington, and her idea of a perfect meal would include a pile of steamed Alaska king crab legs.

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