Deidre Havrelock

Fresh perspectives in theology

Author in the News!

Another round of recognition for Deidre’s screenplay, “Robyn Hood: Galaxy of Thieves“. It was selected as a quarter finalist in the 2015-2016 Fresh Voices Screenplay competition. Deidre has a chance to edit and revise her screenplay in advance of the March 1 2016 announcement of semi-finalists. Fingers crossed!

More good news for Deidre! She will be producing her children’s picture book, “Where the Buffalo Roam,” in cooperation with Banff as part of the plan to reintroduce bison to Banff National Park. We have set our Wordherders cover image to a picture of the buffalo coming home, in honor of the Banff Bison initiative and Deidre’s book deal.

Deidre’s screenplay, “Robyn Hood: Galaxy of Thieves” was selected as a Quarter Finalist in the Action/Adventure category of the Big Break Screenwriting Contest.

And when she’s not busy advancing in screenplay contests, …

Deidre is the author of The Testimony series. The first two books in the series, Studying … The Testimony and Living … The Testimony, are currently available; the third book Preparing … the Testimony will be out soon.  She has also written Saving Mary – The Possession – Book One: Not Just Another Story About a Girl and Her ExorcistIn The Starving Church, to be released soon, Deidre addresses Christian hunger for solid, informative, life-changing, spiritual Bible teachings.

From her website:

Deidre believes theology is for everyone! It’s for working moms and soccer parents and for introverted engineers who don’t know what to say at dinner parties. It’s for energetic athletic-types who traverse mountains on cool bikes and for lethargic teenagers who write dark poetry. It’s for Trekkies and Twihards and Gleeks, nurses and teachers and those who Twitter and Ping. It’s for older people with Labs and round-faced happy people with too many cats. In other words, theology is not just for theologians. Did you get that? You do not have to be an intellectual to comprehend theology. You do not have to be a preacher. And yes, there is so much more to the Bible than what churches, on average, are currently teaching. Understanding the spiritual teachings of our Christian faith is fun … and more than that, it’s important.

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