Allen Johnson, Ph.D.

Renaissance man

Allen Johnson‘s newest book, Pardon My French: How a Grumpy American Fell in Love with France, is scheduled for release in October, and is available now for pre-order. Check it out!

Allen has been called a modern Renaissance man.  Yes, he is a popular author, but that’s just the beginning.  He is also a Ph.D. psychologist, keynote speaker, leadership consultant, cyclist, painter, actor, jazz pianist and vocalist, photographer, and videographer.  Whew.
Allen has a voracious appetite for life.  He has cavorted with giant turtles in the Caribbean, climbed the glacier peaks of the Pacific Northwest, and flown a single-prop plane across the country.  He is fluent in French and calls a small village in the south of France his second home.  That lust for life is always present in his writing: His characters are multidimensional and brimming with ambition and desire.


In addition to his most recent romantic suspense, The Awakening, Allen has written…
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