The Support Group


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When dealing with the death of a loved one, many find great comfort in the company of others who are experiencing the same sense of loss and fear. In The Support Group by Donna Reutzel Underwood, seven mourners and three facilitators of the new support group at the Grief Clinic are about to embark on their own journeys of discovery, help, and healing.

But a story in the local paper shakes the clinic staff with news of the death of an ex-client, Mr. Sorenson, who had just completed his sessions six months earlier. Following the tragic drowning death of his wife, he and his daughter were overwhelmed, confused, and unable to move beyond their sorrow. Now Mr. Sorenson has also drowned, and his death is ruled suspicious after questions arise during his autopsy.

The story also catches the attention of the family of another of the clinic’s former clients, who died a year earlier. Mr. Marcus, another widower, was found at the bottom of a cliff, and while his death was considered an accident, his family always suspected foul play. This new situation motivates them to contact the clinic to request another look at these deaths.

Fear, concern, and suspicion become bedfellows for all connected with the clinic. Are the support-group participants being targeted by a killer—or killers? Only time will tell.

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