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Author Deidre Havrelock has written The Testimony series to equip Christians with insightful teachings regarding testimony so that all Christians may speak about Jesus with love and clarity. In doing so, she explains how testimony relates both to the Bible and to life. Be prepared to follow this one subject throughout the Bible in order to unlock and understand the immense significance of the Christian testimony.

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STUDYING THE TESTIMONY the first in a three book series gives an accountable and judicious look at testimony. We travel through the Old Testament’s definitions of “testimony” and “testament” arriving in a time when religious rebellion was paramount. We begin to understand that this man, Jesus the Nazarene, has an agenda very dissimilar from those around him. As more and more people see Jesus as the answer to Roman rule, the more dangerous he becomes. For me parts of Deidre’s book reads like a political thriller. Lies, deceit, betrayal, manipulation and assassination are all imminent. Deidre also helps us to connect Old Testament Laws to the blood sacrifice of this Nazarene. The sacrificial lamb of old is gone, replaced by a superior sacrifice cloaked within judicial murder. A New Covenant and the message of sacrificial love, freely given to humankind, heralds Jesus Christ. Deidre’s appendix on hell and its relationship to Angels is very thought provoking and reaffirms my belief that judgement of others is Jesus’s Cross to carry. Cheryl Darlene Daily


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