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POD, first in the POD series, is a survival story about two people in separate locations experiencing the same catastrophic global event.

Fifteen-year-old Josh lives in the small eastern Washington town of Prosser. He is startled awake one morning by an agonizing sound in his head.  Minutes later, when massive alien spheres appear in the sky, he realizes the sound is the first wave of a brutal and overwhelming alien attack.  To venture outside means instant death.  He is stuck in his home with his father and family dog while the alien PODs lay siege to the planet.

Twelve-year-old Megs is trapped and alone in a parking garage in Santa Monica, California.  She is forced to play a deadly game of hide and seek with the ruthless men that have taken over an adjacent hotel.  Megs clings to the hope that the alien ships will go away and that her mother will return to save her.  Can her street smarts and cunning keep her alive long enough for that to happen?

What’s being said about POD:

  • “An intense novel of humanity’s reaction to an alien invasion… fast-paced and engrossing.” Publishers Weekly



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