My Adventures As Brother Rat

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Here’s what one reviewer had to say about My Adventures As Brother Rat by Lenora Rain-Lee Good:

Orphaned after her village is massacred by bandits, young Lin Yao makes her way to the kingdom of Wu Shi-en. There she is taken in by the king’s elderly Healer and raised as his niece and protégé. But Lin Yao’s fate is not what it seems. One night she is visited in dreams by a mysteriously beautiful woman who calls her by her childhood nickname of Brother Rat and demands to fight her. Frightened by the nightmare, Lin Yao confides in her healer uncle, who deduces the identity of the mysterious woman as none other than the dreaded Jiang Li, a fierce female warrior of the enemy kingdom Yueh who may have mystical powers. The dream must be a warning.

Thus Lin Yao begins on her path of destiny. It is decided she must train as a soldier under the kingdom’s legendary General Sun Wu if she has any hope of surviving a future confrontation with Jiang Li. To keep her preparations secret, she assumes the male persona of Brother Rat during her military training, while maintaining her apprenticeship as the Healer’s niece Lin Yao. Through her adventures as Brother Rat, she becomes a trusted soldier who excels in healing arts on the battlefield and gains ties to a powerful family. As Lin Yao, she shows masterful diplomacy as a tactful ambassador, falls in love with a foreign prince and saves a kingdom.  Andrea Green


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