Editing Your Book: What Else?

In addition to the steps outlined by K. M. Weiland in “Your NaNo Novel Is a Hot Mess! How to Edit Your Book”, here are more things you can do to help make your book or story publication ready!

  • Review each chapter and section for consistent and appropriate POV
  • Fact check:
    • place names
    • historical events
    • people’s names
    • telephone numbers
    • Geographic features key to the story
    • fictional character names (Hester Prynne vs Hester Prine)
  • Check dates
    • within the storyline
    • with contemporaneous events, as needed
  • Run spelling and grammar checker!
  • Review for punctuation
  • Review for capitalization
  • Review for filter words that separate your reader from the story (notice, realize, thought, had)
    • “She decided to tell Gladys that …” à “She told Gladys …”
    • “He noticed the wind blowing through her hair.” à “The wind blew through her hair.”
    • “He had gone…” à “He went…”
  • Review for weak words (then, that, down, be, turn)
    • “He set his keys down on the table.”
  • Review for your specific watch words (flop, plop; as; particularly)

Using Technology: Run “Search and Destroy” Macros

Filter Words

(from: http://www.publishingcrawl.com/2012/05/21/filter-wordshttp://writeitsideways.com/are-these-filter-words-weakening-your-fiction)

Weak Words

(from: http://blog.janicehardy.com/2015/03/day-twenty-seven-strengthen-or.html)

Watch Words

(from: http://dianaurban.com/words-you-should-cut-from-your-writing-immediately)

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