Chasing Glory

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DeeAnn Galbraith has released her newest book, Chasing Glory!

Tal Kingston, an R&D genius who’s built a successful gourmet food company, wants to get married. He’s got a spreadsheet that covers all his requirements, but needs help executing his plan. Tal hires executive assistant Glory Danvers to help him put his best foot forward. His spreadsheet goes out the window. His company’s reputation is threatened when he learns his products are being counterfeited and sold at posh resorts in Antigua. He talks Glory into posing as his wife at a couples resort and together they succeed in overcoming the counterfeiters’ scheme.

Glory Danver’s life has had some serious downturns recently. Under financial stress, she agrees to help an R&D lab geek attract a company VP he’s got his eye on. In helping Tal, Glory sees what the VP can’t, and gets way more than she hired on for.

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