How Parallel Narrative Multiplies Your Story Choices, by Linda Aronson

From: Very often things like flashbacks, flash forwards, non-linear narratives, multiple plots and ensemble casts are regarded as optional gimmicks stuck into the conventional three act structure. They’re not. Each of the six types I’ve isolated and their subcategories provides a different take on the same story material.  Suddenly, one idea for a film can give you a multitude of story choices. What do I mean? More than six ways to… Read More

7 Ways to Create a Killer Opening Line For Your Novel, by Brian Klems, Jacob Appel

From: January 9, 2014 Writing the first line to your book is an incredibly daunting task. This is your first opportunity to hook readers in. I remember writing and rewriting the opening line to my humor book OH BOY, YOU’RE HAVING A GIRL over and over again until I finally felt like I nailed it with this: “If you’re a guy and you’ve opened this book, you either have a daughter,… Read More

12 Fundamentals Of Writing “The Other” (And The Self), by D. J. Older

This is an excellent article to review when writing characters outside of ourselves. “12 Fundamentals Of Writing ‘The Other’ (And The Self)” by D. J. Older, author of the YA novel, Shadowshaper, among others.

The Current, by Donald Maass

From: What about a novel sweeps us up into its world?  What carries us along even when the imperatives of plot are on hold or absent?  What makes us ache for something without knowing what it is?  What makes us impatient for a story’s resolution at the same time that we want the tale to go on forever?  What is it that causes us to feel that a story has touched our… Read More

How Outlining Can Bring Out Voice, by Gabriela Lessa

From: “I got some rejections where the agents said they liked the premise but it lacked voice. How do I fix voice?” As a freelance editor, I hear this question a lot from my clients. It’s something that seems to baffle authors. What exactly is voice? How do you see if your character has a voice? How do you fix it? The whole “it’s a subjective business” thing can be frustrating… Read More

Character Cue: Whose Line is it Anyway? by Katrina Kittle

An Easy Exercise to Strengthen Voice; 01 May 2015 From: Voice is one of my favorite aspects of craft to play with and talk about. Voice was the subject of my very first post here at Writer Unboxed. Today’s post will be short and sweet—a nifty, easy peasy, so-simple-it-seems-stupid trick to strengthen voice in revision.