How Not to Open a Short Story, by Philip Athans

From:, by Philip Athans November 27, 2012 I generally don’t like this kind of negative approach: lists of what not to do. I prefer to encourage you to do things, not discourage you from doing things, but back to the subject of short stories, I can’t help but point out some very common pitfalls that I’ve seen over and over again for years—decades, actually. So here goes, in no particular order, half a… Read More

Short & Happy (or Not)

From Amazon, Short & Happy (or Not), edited by Richard Bunning and  Dixiane Hallaj … … brings together authors from English speaking countries around the globe and a sprinkling of ex-pats who enjoy life in non-English speaking countries as well. Their stories cover just as wide a spectrum of subjects. Humor (or humour), light romance, science fiction, fantasy, memoir, satire, reflection, exotic locales … it’s all here in bite-sized pieces. And it includes… Read More

Dream Time

In Dream Time and Other Flights of Fantasy, A Collection of Three Short Stories, Lenora Rain-Lee Good gives readers … Three short stories of fantasy — different worlds, different times, different cultures. Teal has two families, one on each of two worlds–she must choose. Wild Woman lives alone until she becomes a mother. Ta Lin must learn to control her wild magic–or die.