All Fall Down: Part 1 Spring Showers

The first in the upcoming series by Jennifer Churchill, All Fall Down: Part 1 Spring Showers tells the story of Riona Hafton, the daughter of a noble Hie family, who is about to have her world turned upside down. Squabbles with friends and first crushes may have been the most important things in her life, but soon they will be a pale memory. A rebellion is coming and she is about to… Read More

Myri’s Hands

About Myri’s Hands, written by Jane Roop: From childhood, Myri saw things other people didn’t see, like pulsating arcs of energy and spirits. Her dad had warned her. Best to keep such nonsense to herself. But in his last moments when he saw Ruby, a spirit, arrive to help him to the other side, he had smiled. After his death Myri’s life became stranger. Her hands often throbbed with heat. When she… Read More

Dream Time

In Dream Time and Other Flights of Fantasy, A Collection of Three Short Stories, Lenora Rain-Lee Good gives readers … Three short stories of fantasy — different worlds, different times, different cultures. Teal has two families, one on each of two worlds–she must choose. Wild Woman lives alone until she becomes a mother. Ta Lin must learn to control her wild magic–or die.    

Crimson Sunrise

Author Renee Munoz introduced readers to Saari Mitchell in her first paranormal romance, Moonlight Bleu. In the second book in the series, Crimson Sunrise … Saari Mitchell attends a Tueri conference in Las Vegas, Nevada to strengthen her bonds with Dhelis Guidry and Brogan Vincent-and see if they can make their three-sided relationship work. But when Saari and her vampire brother Mag’s lives are threatened, her trip to paradise soon becomes a surreal fight… Read More


POD, first in the POD series, is a survival story about two people in separate locations experiencing the same catastrophic global event. Fifteen-year-old Josh lives in the small eastern Washington town of Prosser. He is startled awake one morning by an agonizing sound in his head.  Minutes later, when massive alien spheres appear in the sky, he realizes the sound is the first wave of a brutal and overwhelming alien attack.  To venture outside means instant death.  He is… Read More

Yadh the Ugly

Here’s what one Amazon reviewer had to say about Yadh the Ugly by Lenora Rain-Lee Good: Equality is everything in First Community, where all of the children are born on the same day and raised together into adulthood. Everyone is trained in the job they are suitable for, and everyone works for the good of the Community. But Yadh is different, and where uniformity is king, differences are not to be tolerated…. Read More

Moonlight Bleu

Written by Renee Munoz, Moonlight Bleu is the story of Saari Mitchell. Saari … sees a psychologist in order to understand why – 500 years later – she’s still dreaming of her dead lover. Her shrink isn’t helping, the nightmares come every time she closes her eyes, and the lack of sleep is interfering with her job at Sacred Heart Hospital. With her psychic ability to heal the human spirit on the… Read More

Jiang Li, Warrior Woman of Yueh

From Amazon. In Jiang Li, Warrior Woman of Yueh, Lenora Rain-Lee Good  … tells the story of one of the epic battles of Ancient China-between the enemy states of Yueh and Wu. Marked by the magic of White Tiger Mother and trained to use the staff by the great mountain ape, Grandfather Wang, Jiang Li grows into a beautiful woman, loved by all in Yueh who meet her. Faced with the choice of… Read More

My Adventures As Brother Rat

Here’s what one reviewer had to say about My Adventures As Brother Rat by Lenora Rain-Lee Good: Orphaned after her village is massacred by bandits, young Lin Yao makes her way to the kingdom of Wu Shi-en. There she is taken in by the king’s elderly Healer and raised as his niece and protégé. But Lin Yao’s fate is not what it seems. One night she is visited in dreams by a mysteriously beautiful… Read More