Chasing Glory

DeeAnn Galbraith has released her newest book, Chasing Glory! Tal Kingston, an R&D genius who’s built a successful gourmet food company, wants to get married. He’s got a spreadsheet that covers all his requirements, but needs help executing his plan. Tal hires executive assistant Glory Danvers to help him put his best foot forward. His spreadsheet goes out the window. His company’s reputation is threatened when he learns his products are being… Read More

Between Heartbeats

In her newly released book, Between Heartbeats, Donelle Knudsen asks, “Can life change between heartbeats?” Diana awakens on her seventeenth birthday in a joyful mood. But at breakfast she is told, during a heated argument with her mother, that the man she has loved as her father is not her father at all. Diana decides to unravel the mystery of her childhood and the reason for their secrets and travels across the country to… Read More

The Awakening

Written by Allen Johnson,  From out of a barefoot boyhood among endless rows of olive trees, and a forbidden passion for a courageous Moroccan beauty, to a horrific struggle against tyranny in the war-torn streets of 1936 Granada, comes a story where love cannot exist without mercy . . . mercy one carries for one’s whole life as a badge of honor . . . mercy and compassion passed down from generation… Read More

Delta on My Mind

In Delta on My Mind by DeeAnna Galbraith, Delta and Blue grew up close as kin, sheltered by family and southern values. Things change and they left, sure their choices would make them happy. But Delta Jameson’s marriage was a huge mistake. She’s on the mend now, and fiercely independent. Her vulnerability and stress over the loss of her beloved Gran increases when her ex sues her, invoking a clause in their pre-nup. Delta begins… Read More

The Corner Stone, Annotated

From Amazon… Originally published in 1915, The Corner Stone is a sweet, plainspoken story set in Kansas in the early 1900’s. In it, we meet Edith Grannell, a young woman orphaned at an early age and abandoned to boarding school by her wealthy uncle, Samson Grannell. Edith’s uncle is more interested in prosperity than family, but fortunes are changing for him and his neighbors. Grannell calls Edith back with a plot in… Read More

Crimson Sunrise

Author Renee Munoz introduced readers to Saari Mitchell in her first paranormal romance, Moonlight Bleu. In the second book in the series, Crimson Sunrise … Saari Mitchell attends a Tueri conference in Las Vegas, Nevada to strengthen her bonds with Dhelis Guidry and Brogan Vincent-and see if they can make their three-sided relationship work. But when Saari and her vampire brother Mag’s lives are threatened, her trip to paradise soon becomes a surreal fight… Read More

Painted Blind

From Amazon about Painted Blind by Michelle Hansen, Psyche Middleton has always been judged by her looks. When she meets a guy that can make himself invisible, she must decide if love is truly blind. He takes her to a palace in an idyllic kingdom, but his affection has one condition—she may not see him. Enchanted, intrigued and not wholeheartedly believing he’s real, she betrays his trust for a glimpse of his… Read More

The Lady’s Not for Burning

The Lady’s Not for Burning by Christopher Fry is … A romantic comedy in three acts, set in verse. Set in the Middle Ages, The Lady’s Not for Burning reflects the world’s ‘exhaustion and despair’ following World War II, with a war-weary soldier who wants to die, and an accused witch who wants to live. Republished from the original by Phoebe Seiders.            

Gambling on the Goddess

The goddess in DeeAnna Galbraith‘s Gambling on the Goddess is Pallas, named for Pallas Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and War, and the Queen of Spades. She’s a financial genius and poker player extraordinaire. At Lake Tahoe to solve a family mystery and win the money she needs to launch her career, Pallas meets Danny Tarantino, a casino owner. Danny’s club is his whole life, and someone’s out to destroy it, a situation that threatens… Read More

Moonlight Bleu

Written by Renee Munoz, Moonlight Bleu is the story of Saari Mitchell. Saari … sees a psychologist in order to understand why – 500 years later – she’s still dreaming of her dead lover. Her shrink isn’t helping, the nightmares come every time she closes her eyes, and the lack of sleep is interfering with her job at Sacred Heart Hospital. With her psychic ability to heal the human spirit on the… Read More