How Not to Open a Short Story, by Philip Athans

From:, by Philip Athans November 27, 2012 I generally don’t like this kind of negative approach: lists of what not to do. I prefer to encourage you to do things, not discourage you from doing things, but back to the subject of short stories, I can’t help but point out some very common pitfalls that I’ve seen over and over again for years—decades, actually. So here goes, in no particular order, half a… Read More

Donelle Knudsen Wins First Honorable Mention in Oregon Writers Colony 2016 Contest

I have good news to share. Earlier, Oregon Writers Colony selected two of my three entries as finalists in the Narrative Nonfiction Short Story category. Angels Come in Many Sizes earned Honorable Mention and Desert Rose or A Blooming Miracle earned First Honorable Mention. I will attend the Awards Ceremony in December to read a portion of Desert Rose or A Blooming Miracle. I want to thank my Wordherders for their encouragement and support. By Donelle

Queen: Four Women Tilting at Windmills

The newest book from Jane Roop, Queen: Four Women Tilting at Windmills: Dames Quixote: Book 1, is available for preorder! The story, according to Amazon: Margaret, Dan’s perfect trophy wife, was every inch the Prom Queen and always socially correct—until she and her three friends began tilting at windmills. She did not agree with their efforts to take down the local womanizing bully, but she became the stone that tipped the scales… Read More

The Defect

The Defect is the first novel by new author Jeff Bailey, released by Deer Hawk Publications on June 10, 2016. About the book, from Amazon: Terrorists have infiltrated the staff of the Desert Canyons nuclear power station. They want to melt it down and spread radioactive waste all over Southern California. Think it can’t happen today? Think again. At two in the morning in 2013, an unknown hooded person infiltrated a nuclear power… Read More

All Fall Down: Part 1 Spring Showers

The first in the upcoming series by Jennifer Churchill, All Fall Down: Part 1 Spring Showers tells the story of Riona Hafton, the daughter of a noble Hie family, who is about to have her world turned upside down. Squabbles with friends and first crushes may have been the most important things in her life, but soon they will be a pale memory. A rebellion is coming and she is about to… Read More

The Water Master

Here’s what Amazon says about Betsy Dickinson‘s new book, The Water Master, released February 15, 2016: A tale of murder, deception, survival and redemption. Susan Bradley, searching for spiritual renewal, falls in love with the spellbinding Jay Glasser—her Wiccan High Priest and mentor. After a whirlwind courtship and marriage in Illinois, she and Jay move to the desert Northwest community of Pasco, Washington. Their creepy and obnoxious landlord, Charlie Gottschalk, brags about being the local… Read More

Chasing Glory

DeeAnn Galbraith has released her newest book, Chasing Glory! Tal Kingston, an R&D genius who’s built a successful gourmet food company, wants to get married. He’s got a spreadsheet that covers all his requirements, but needs help executing his plan. Tal hires executive assistant Glory Danvers to help him put his best foot forward. His spreadsheet goes out the window. His company’s reputation is threatened when he learns his products are being… Read More

Virtual Mentors for Picture Book Makers, by Jennifer K. Mann

In Virtual Mentors for Picture Book Makers, Jennifer Mann documents her learning curve in producing children’s picture books. It is a lovely article and resource for aspiring picture book authors.

Between Heartbeats

In her newly released book, Between Heartbeats, Donelle Knudsen asks, “Can life change between heartbeats?” Diana awakens on her seventeenth birthday in a joyful mood. But at breakfast she is told, during a heated argument with her mother, that the man she has loved as her father is not her father at all. Diana decides to unravel the mystery of her childhood and the reason for their secrets and travels across the country to… Read More

Mystery Story Structure, by Maureen McQuerry, based on Hallie Ephron

MYSTERY STRUCTURE — HALLIE EPHRON  ACT I ACT II ACT III Introduction of the crime (mystery) and the sleuth Direct the investigation toward a conclusion which later proves to be erroneous.Change of focus and scope of the investigation. This is the pivotal point in the story where it become evident that the sleuth was on the wrong track. Something unexpected occurs, such as the appearance of a second body, the death of… Read More