A Month in Mongolia


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From Amazon, A Month in Mongolia by Barbara Seiders

… is a photographic travelogue and reminiscence of time spent in this fascinating country. For those who are contemplating travel of their own to Mongolia, A Month in Mongolia serves as companion to a guidebook such as the Lonely Planet guide for Mongolia and a detailed topographical map. Seiders has traveled around the world — Paris, London, Geneva, Moscow, Vienna — during her career working in defense and arms control. Among her favorite travels were trips that she took between 2008 and 2010 to the capital and countryside of Mongolia. She found the Mongolian people warm and welcoming, generous of spirit and hospitality. The capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, is an intriguing mixture of modern and ancient, and the countryside is vast and magnificent. In many ways, the land resembles the area around Denver, Colorado, where Seiders grew up, and even more so the Columbia valley of eastern Washington, where she currently resides. It was not surprising that in her trips to Mongolia, in many ways, she almost felt that she was coming home.


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