How to Use These 7 Pixar Story Hacks On Your Screenplay, by Shanee Edwards

By: Shanee Edwards, from Pixar storyboard artist, Emma Coats, once tweeted 22 rules that Pixar movies always try to follow.  With the release of Finding Dory 13 years after Finding Nemo, the rules still apply and are helpful to any writer struggling with building a story from the ground up. Following these seven rules in particular will guide your relatable protagonist though a clear story and in turn, help you write a great script. No. 1 — Admire a character… Read More

How to write backstory but not bog down your book

From: Telling character backstory is sometimes necessary to show why your character has a specific motivation or mindset. Yet it’s important to learn how to write backstory that will not bog your novel down in constant harking back to prior events that occurred before the present time of your narrative. Read 5 tips for using backstory better: Choose what to explain using backstory and what to leave a mystery. Only use backstory for… Read More

How to Write a Thrilling Action Scene, by Jessi Rita Hoffman

May 8, 2016 From: Whether you write YA, romance, fantasy, or actual thrillers, there are times in any novel where an action scene is called for. These scenes can be among the hardest to write. What runs like an exciting movie in your imagination can end up clunking along on the page, causing even your own eyes to glaze over. And we all know dull action scenes are the kiss of… Read More