5 Things Every Author Needs to Understand About Book Cover Design, by Brooke Warner

In this post, “5 Things Every Author Needs to Understand About Book Cover Design,” Brooke Warner talks about the importance of book cover design, including some of the points we discussed in the recent Wordherder meeting. Check it out!

Time Out of Time: The Telling Stone out in paperback!

The second book in the Time Out of Time series, The Telling Stone, will be available for sale in paperback as of May 10, 2016. The paperback version includes a stellar reading guide and the famous map! For Maureen’s local Tri-Cites friends, Adventures Underground always has signed copies of her books in stock.

Four Things House of Cards Can Teach Us About Writing, by Cris Freese

From http://www.writersdigest.com/editor-blogs/there-are-no-rules/4-things-house-of-cards-can-teach-us-about-writing I think the general consensus among those writers who teach the craft is that you must read—and read widely—about the craft of writing, particularly those authors who write in your genre. But I think there’s a lot you can learn about writing from other mediums, too. Specifically television. Every other Monday, I’ll be bringing you takeaways from some of the best television shows out there. These are meant to be specific… Read More