Donelle Knudsen’s Book Signing at Columbia Center’s Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble: What better place is there to browse for books and enjoy your favorite beverage at the Starbucks Cafe? Stop by and say “Hello” at Donelle Knudsen’s book signing at Kennewick, WA Columbia Center’s B&N Saturday, May 7, from 2-4 PM.

Essay : Why Most Readings Suck and How to Fix It, by Gabino

Maureen found this article, Essay : Why Most Readings Suck and How to Fix It, with some *colorful* observations about how to do a book reading. She thinks it’s accurate, even if she herself would never use this language. So, fair warning – it’s on the crude side.

Surviving Nearly There, by Robin LaFevers

Recommended by Maureen McQuerry: A lovely encouraging post for us all – Surviving Nearly There by Robin LaFevers. From: One of the hardest stages of your writing journey—one that will take the most dedication, commitment, and self exploration—is the ‘nearly there’ stage. This is the stage where your critique partners love your work, you’re getting personalized rejections from agents or editors and highly complimentary reports from your beta readers, and yet …. Read More

Worksheet: Story Structure: The Seven-Point System, by Dan Wells

Adapted from Dan Wells on Story Structure The Seven-Point System: 1. Hook   2. Plot Turn 1   3. Pinch 1   4. Midpoint   5. Pinch 2   6. Plot Turn 2   7. Resolution     Key: Start at the end.