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8 Things to Cut When You Kill Your Darlings, by Kristen Kieffer

From: http://www.shesnovel.com/blog/kill-your-darlings If you’ve been writing for long, you’ve most likely heard the phrase “kill your darlings.” In fact, this phrase has become so ubiquitous that you probably roll your eyes upon reading it. But, as with many clichés, “kill your darlings” is popular for a reason; it’s a tried-and-true editing technique that can help you create the best version of your story. Don’t believe me? Take a look at these popular authors who have touted the phrase after finding it vital to… Read More

Desperately Seeking Darlings, by Kim Bullock

From: http://writerunboxed.com/2016/01/22/desperately-seeking-darlings-to-murder January 22, 2016 Back in late October, Liz Michalski wrote a post about how her portly manuscript lost an impressive 52,000 words. As someone who writes long and cuts later, I related well to her obsession with chopping adverbs, unnecessary adjectives, and dialogue tags.  I ran that gauntlet myself when the last draft of my manuscript clocked in at 115,000 words. The length wasn’t terrible, but I feared it might be… Read More