Robyn Hood: Galaxy of Thieves – a Fresh Voices quarter-finalist

Another round of recognition for Deidre Havrelock’s screenplay, “Robyn Hood: Galaxy of Thieves“. It was selected as a quarter finalist in the 2015-2016 Fresh Voices Screenplay competition. Deidre has a chance to edit and revise her screenplay in advance of the March 1 2016 announcement of semi-finalists. We’ll keep all our Wordherders fingers crossed!

Worthy Things, by Tiffany Pitts

At the January 2016 meeting of Wordherders, Steve Wallenfels passed on this article, Worthy Things, on why we write, particularly in the face of challenges and doubt.

Fresh Design, Michelle Fairbanks

Michelle Fairbanks designed the cover for Donelle Knudsen‘s book, Between Heartbeats. You can see Michelle’s portfolio, including pre-made book covers, at her website, Fresh Design.

Killing Your Character(s)

We’ve all heard the advice as authors to “kill your darlings” but in her article, “How to Successfully Kill a Character: The Checklist,” K.M. Weiland shares her thoughts on when it’s a good idea to kill them, and when not. Check it out!

The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories, by Christopher Booker

From: This information is based on the 2004 book, The Seven Basic Plots:  Why We Tell Stories, by Christopher Booker. The Seven Basic Plots provides a Jungian-influenced analysis of stories and their psychological meaning. Booker worked on the book for 34 years. It’s 736 pages in length. The Meta-Plot The meta-plot begins with the anticipation stage, in which the hero is called to the adventure to come. This is followed by a… Read More

The Internal Conflict Formula That Generates Plot Points and Strengthens Theme, by Lynn Johnston

From:; March 10, 2015. Internal conflict is what happens when a character wants two things that are mutually exclusive.  Sometimes the conflict will be something big:  perhaps your heroine is in love with George but also lusts after Fred, and she’s unable to choose which man she wants to be with. Or maybe she’s a homicide detective, and she wants to build a case on the evidence, but she also wants to… Read More