The 5 Basic Elements of an Author Website, by Frances Caballo

In the article, “The 5 Basic Elements of an Author Website,” Frances Caballo offers some unique insights into the design and content of an author’s webpage. The insight that stood out for me is to consider using an infinite scrolling format. She suggests that the format is well suited to authors of picture books and YA, as those audiences are well familiar with scrolling on their electronic devices. An infinite scrolling page may… Read More

The Total Beginner’s Guide to Submitting Short Fiction for Publication, by Amanda C. Davis

Amanda C. Davis is a prolifically published short story author. She has both self-published her stories and contributed to anthologies. In her post, “The Total Beginner’s Guide to Submitting Short Fiction for Publication,” she offers tips for newbies on how to go about submitting your stories for publication. P.S. In addition to writing, Amanda also designs book covers. She offers both specially designed covers as well as stock covers that can be modified for your book.

43 Words You Should Cut From Your Writing Immediately, by Diana Urban

In her article, “43 Words You Should Cut From Your Writing Immediately,” Diana Urban provides a useful list of watch words to eliminate from your writing. Check it out!  

Are These Filter Words Weakening Your Fiction? by Suzannah Windsor Freeman

“Are These Filter Words Weakening Your Fiction?” is a useful article on words to eliminate to make your fiction stronger. Well, ok, to make *my* fiction stronger.

Virtual Mentors for Picture Book Makers, by Jennifer K. Mann

In Virtual Mentors for Picture Book Makers, Jennifer Mann documents her learning curve in producing children’s picture books. It is a lovely article and resource for aspiring picture book authors.


One of our Wordherders found this site that crowd sources authors’ pitches. Check it out! Unbound

Congratulations, Deidre Havrelock!

Congratulations to Deidre, whose screenplay, “Robyn Hood: Galaxy of Thieves” was selected as a Quarter Finalist in the Action/Adventure category of the Big Break Screenwriting Contest. Whoo hoo! Fingers crossed she makes it through the semi-finals and on to win the Big Time!

Congratulations, Randy LaBarge!

Randy reports that he just graduated from ScreenwritingU‘s 2015 ProSeries Class. Congratulations! Randy adds: The ProSeries is the flagship of the ScreenwritingU courses – a 6-month, intensive, online Master-class for individuals committed to doing whatever it takes to succeed in Hollywood. ScreenwritingU’s mission is to design and deliver the best screenwriting classes in the World while helping screenwriters break into the industry. ScreenwritingU Alumni have made more than 150 screenwriting deals in the… Read More

Screenwriting Contest List for Oct. thru Dec. 2015

  Bluecat The Feature Winner of the 2016 Competition will receive $15,000. Four Feature Finalists will receive $2500 each. Cinequest Winning script wins a $5000 cash prize. Final jury includes industry leaders: The Weinstein Company, Echo Lake Entertainment, Luber Roklin Entertainment, and Zero Gravity. Fade In Awards GRAND PRIZE: Dell Laptop, $5,000, winning project sent to Hollywood agents, managers & producers. FIRST PRIZE (in each category): $1000, script analysis by WGA writer,… Read More

Comparative and Competitive Book Analysis, by Catherine Fowler

From: Presentation at Write On The River, Wenatchee, Washington, on May 16, 2009 It is critical that writers understand how their books stack up against the competition in the marketplace. Any good agent will perform a cursory market analysis before presenting a new book to a publisher. In actuality, the writer should do this in advance. It gives: the writer confidence that his/her product will compete well in the market for which… Read More